The Mission and Goals of the organization were outlined when the Association was formed and they are as follows:

1. Provide a central forum for physicians and scientists of Indian origin in the U.S.A. who have interest in cardiovascular diseases. This will promote close relationship amongst members for mutual benefit and advancement. We will work with organized medicine at local, state, and national levels and project the interest of our members.

2. Promote and maintain high standard of academic excellence and clinical practice of cardiology through educational, social, and scientific activities. This will be in the common interest of its members and the communities they serve.

3. Maintain close liaison with local, national, and international cardiovascular societies and organizations.

4. Establish a continuing relationship and communication with similar societies in India.

5. To recognize and honor outstanding cardiovascular professionals of Indian origin in various disciplines.

6.Address the special cardiovascular health problems of the Indian community in the US.

Strength is in numbers. Just as one candle lights another to increase its brightness, so too, if each current member brings another into the Association, our strength would be multiplied.

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